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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Time Share CFO?

A Time Share CFO is a solution to help businesses that need project oriented financial leadership.  Arch Business Consulting. works with your organization as your in house accountant.  Arch Business Consulting, Inc. brings financial structure and new ideas on an as needed basis. An ideal fit is a business that is too small to need a full time financial executive.  Another possibility is a business that may need someone to handle a project, consult with for a few hours each month or they may require more substantial monthly involvement.

What does a business management consultant do?

A business management consultant goes beyond the numbers and works with you to improve your business results by evaluating your strategic and tactical plans.  The execution of these plans and their results are measured by financial performance.  If you don’t have a budget, goals and plans Arch Business Consulting can help create them.

Why should your business hire Arch Business Consulting?
You may already have a bookkeeper but need more direction.  An opportunity came up that needs to be reviewed.  An obstacle surfaces that needs to be handled.  You need to talk about business strategy. There are some issues that cannot be discussed with an employee.  Arch Business Consulting is an independent, unbiased executive with whom to share sensitive information and receive objective answers.  Any employee, no matter how solid they are, has a concern about keeping their job and benefits.
Does Arch Business Consulting prepare tax returns?
No. This is a specialized field. We do have a referral network for those companies looking for someone to prepare their tax returns.
How do you charge for your services?
Arch Business Consulting charges a fee that is appropriate for the time necessary to complete the task.

Hourly rate – If you are unsure how long a task will take, but want to control your costs, this is the best option.

Retainer rate – If your needs are more defined and predictable, this option is for you.  In exchange for a guaranteed monthly fee, you are charged a lower hourly rate.

Project rate – Use this rate for one time projects.