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When we take on a new client, we typically start with the accounting.  We review your Balance Sheet first and move to the Income Statement next.  We’re looking at the quality of the information.  After all if you don’t know how to make the data entries correctly, then every decision made based upon faulty information will itself be faulty.

Once we have cleaned up any issues, we will help you make sense of the financials and will teach you how to read them in order to understand the cash flow in your business.  After we gain an understanding of where the cash is coming from and where it is going; we will focus on the operations of your business and make recommendations of how to change your business to make it more profitable.

Arch Business Consulting has nearly 30 years of real world, “boots on the ground” experience. Often a business owner can’t see the forest for the trees. We can provide fresh unbiased review of your business and make suggestions of how it can be improved.

Financial Analysis – A thorough and in-depth analysis of your business to spot trends and identify wasteful practices.

Banking Assistance – Act as a liaison between you and your commercial banker to improve the relationship.

Efficiency Gains – Analyze your business and its practices and procedures to increase the work flow and improve your margins.

SWOT Analysis – SWOT analysis is a very useful exercise to help identify your business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

In today’s business lending environment a properly prepared business plan is more important than ever. It should be well thought out, written in a logical flow, and have all of the relevant information necessary for a potential lender or investor to make a favorable decision.

If you are a pre venture seeking financing, a business plan will be a crucial part of your application.  having a high quality, well thought out, business plan is often the difference between getting financed and not.

Writing a business plan can be a daunting task.  There are lots of templates available on the internet yet none of them tell you how to actually write the plan.  The financial projections section is the scariest part for most pre-venture business owners.  More often than not the business owner gives up and tries to “wing it” without the business plan.

With nearly 30 years of professional business lending and corporate controller experience we are qualified to help you develop and write a high quality business plan.

Development & Writing Services – Arch Business Consulting will work with you gathering the information necessary to write a professional business plan. This includes industry analysis, competitive analysis, management review, financial projections, and cash flow projections. Arch Business Consulting will write your business plan, start to finish.

Consulting Services – If you have already prepared a business plan we can provide a thorough review with feedback.

In every business there are tasks, reports, and general communications that have to take place. These jobs usually have nothing to do with actually making or selling your product or service, yet they have to be done. Let Arch Business Consulting take this non-productive work off your plate so you can focus on what is important, growing your business.

eVerify – Data collection and reporting of new employees on the eVerify system.

Department of Labor – Data collection and reporting of new employees on the ADOL website.

Business Licenses – Preparation of new and renewal business licenses.

Collections – Provide assistance collecting your past due A/R thereby improving cash flow

Having accurate financial information is crucial to the day to day decision making of every business owner.  Yet too many small business owners either do not make their accounting entries in a timely manner or at all in some cases.  If they are making the entries, often they are doing it wrong.

I have found that the number one reason for this is because the business owner doesn’t like doing it.  Otherwise they would be in business as an accountant.

Training – One on one education on Quickbooks and Sage accounting software.

Data Entry – Entry of all of your daily accounting into your accounting software.

Account Reconciliation – Reconciliation of your bank, A/P, 401-k, and other accounts.

Month End Reporting – Preparation of Balance Sheet & Income Statement.

Payroll – Data entry into your accounting system, payment of employees, and filing of necessary quarterly payroll tax forms. W-2 and 1099s prepared at year end.

Sales and Use Taxes – Preparation and filing of reports to appropriate authorities.

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